TBR (Truck and Bus Radial) tyres come in various tread patterns and compounds, each designed for specific road conditions and usage.

**Long Haul Tyres:**

These tyres are designed for extended highway use, featuring compounds that reduce rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency. The tread patterns are typically symmetrical, providing a smooth ride and even wear.

**Mixed Service Tyres:**

Ideal for vehicles that travel on both highways and rough off-road conditions. These tyres have a more aggressive tread pattern for traction on unpaved surfaces, and a durable compound to withstand rough usage.

**Regional Tyres:**

Designed for short to medium distance travel on regional roads. These tyres balance durability and performance, with tread patterns suitable for frequent stopping and starting, and compounds that resist irregular wear.

Each type of TBR tyre offers unique benefits, making it crucial to choose the right tyre based on the specific requirements of the fleet’s operation.