About Us

Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. is a prominent tyres and vehicle service provider in the West Midlands region. In simple words, we are here to take care of all your Tyre requirements.


First and foremost, Fleetline is a retailer of quality tyres in West Midlands. We have an all-encompassing collection of tyres that goes above and beyond the expectations of most of our patrons and an enormous range of options for next day fitting. 

All of the Tyres we keep in stock have to match not only European guidelines but our own high standards. You will always leave Fleetline Tyres with a quality tyre at a fantastic price.  

We stock everything from summer tyres, winter tyres to agricultural tyres and industrial tyres. All tyres in our inventory are sourced from some of the biggest names in the industry. Rest assured, when you are buying tyres from us, you are guaranteed of superior quality products at the most pocket-friendly price points.


We are also a well-known vehicle service provider, with a speciality in tyre related services. Our tyre services start right from the point of sale; you can get them professionally mounted at our workshop and balanced using the most advanced machinery available in the market today.

We also treat punctures following the BSAU 159 Standards. If the leaks are not repairable according to the Standard, you may buy a spare from us immediately. In any event, you will leave our garage with a fully functioning and road-safe vehicle.

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Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. is located conveniently at the heart of West Midlands. You may call us on the given number beforehand to ensure availability. We are open on all working days and look forward to the opportunity to help you with any Tyre related problem.

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