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Winter tyres in the West Midlands are designed to function best under cold weather conditions. These tyres provide improved grip on snow or ice and enough traction even under temperatures below 7 degree Celsius.

At Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., we know how important it is for your tyres to perform at their best in freezing temperatures. That’s why we keep only the best winter tyres available in the market.

We have hand-picked the best of snow tyres from the leading brands –

a. Winter SnowControl Serie 3

The Winter SnowControl Serie 3 sports 4D has a connecting ribs block design that provides excellent grip and traction on snow-covered roads. This tyre uses Pirelli’s adaptive-contact block technology to improve handling and cornering capability on icy roads.

b. WinterContact™ TS 850 P:

When you buy this model of Continental tyres to suit your winter conditions, you ensure your vehicles with exceptional performance, along with the unmatched safety that is provided due to the unique S-GRIP pattern layout; handling your vehicle becomes a relatively smooth affair on the snow. The power sipes that are present in the WinterContact™ TS 850 P, known as the power sipes, provide the high performance and handling in the dry conditions as well.

c. Optimo 4S (H730):

Due to increase in the lateral width of the grooves and lower land/sea ratio, these tyres provide tread that grips a wet or snow-laden road excellently. Optimo 4S (H730) provides brilliant high-speed stability, and also has increased durability.

What else we offer?

We offer an exclusive range of winter tyres online at low, affordable rates. Our technicians are experts at what they do. So, we’re perfectly capable of finding you the best winter tyre model that suits your vehicle.

Moreover, at Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., we care about your safety. Keeping this in mind, our garage offers a lifetime mileage guarantee on our entire collection. This guarantee covers your tyres from all manufacturing defects for the whole duration of their life. We provide this benefit to give our customers satisfaction and peace of mind that you're safe when you're behind the wheel.

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