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Safety is the foremost thing to consider while buying tyres for your trucks. The tyres need to be puncture and blowout resistant, and should also provide great comfort for long drives. When our customers ask us for the best option at our store Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. for light trucks, we only have one name to say - LingLong Tire. The company, after the new leadership in 1987, has dramatically evolved in terms of technology and the marketing of tyres.

The company started to produce great tyres for various models of vehicles. These tyres are high on quality, along with providing excellent performance. They are designed to optimise fuel consumption and hence, save significant money on fuel.

They have established new facilities in Zhaoyuan, Dezhou, Liuzhou, and Thailand. Linglong made itself known as the prime choice when it announced its second overseas base to be established in Serbia. To add icing on the cake, Linglong tyres have their research and development centres in Zhaoyuan, Beijing, and North America. They also have a testing office in Europe, where they test their cutting-edge technologies.

Linglong tyres have gone around almost every country. They have a customer base in more than 180 countries with 60 OEMs in partnership with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.

Linglong manufactures tyres that have high loading index so that you don't have to worry about the load that you are going to carry on your trucks. The walls are reinforced to help avoid the sudden tyre blowout. When you come to us, our experts will look into your driving need, and suggest the best options accordingly.

The Tyre In Focus

LMC4: The tyres are made to cater to the needs of light trucks and vans. The design is made radial and prepared to fulfil the requirement of the delivery vehicles. Safety is one of the most important things that these tyres should provide, and for that they have zig-zag grooves that are specially carved out to prevent hydroplaning. This helps the tyres offer excellent traction with the road and hence, increases the control and stability of the overall vehicle.

LMC4 is an all-season tyre; that is, they provide drivability throughout the year, and you don't have to take the pain of changing them with the changing seasons.

Because of their durability, Linglong tyres are best suited for the drivers who drive in the puncture-prone area. If you require excellent truck tyres that will help you maintain great safety along with high affordability in terms of initial cost, while helping you save on the fuel consumption then come to us, here at Fleetline. We have a collection of tyres that are sure to suit your driving needs in the West Midlands.



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