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Robust and free from defects are the two main requirements for truck tyres. Trucks run for long distances carrying heaviest of the possible loads. Our experts, here at the Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. recommend you to buy high-quality GT Radials truck tyres that will not only maintain your safety on the road, but also help you save a lot of money on the fuel. Fuel becomes a vital factor to consider when you are delivering heavy loads for greater distances.

GT Radials provide tyres for every need and every condition. A truck owner expects that their tyres should resist punctures and blowouts. This is made possible with the highly resistive tyres with GT Radials.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy GT Radials tyres for your truck:

  • The tyres have to pass a rigorous quality check. Each tyre is tested on various parameters before it is shipped to be sold in the market. GT Radials make use of Giti tyre in order to utilise the best raw materials that are available in the facility.
  • The personnel that are involved in the manufacturing of the tyres are highly skilled and make use of the most advanced machines in the world to make tyres that are great in durability and are comparatively safer.
  • The research team has over 600 dedicated individuals who work tirelessly in the five research and development facilities to come up with the best ways of making tyres affordable with the new innovations now and then.
  • In a research, it was found that 30% of the overall consumption of the fuels by transportation sector is because of the trucks/buses. Hence, after years and years of innovations and improvements, GT Radials were able to develop tyres that resulted in lesser consumption of fuel.

Tyres in Focus:

GSR225: The tyre serves trailers with a wide range of driving conditions.

  • The tyres run great on wide and smooth highways, along with showing the excellent capability of driving on the narrow country roads.
  • Equal Force Carcass Technology helps the tyres to impart high wearing resistance and optimal footprints. They have a broader tread that maintains the exceptional control and stability for the vehicle.
  • The tread has advanced grooves that provide excellent water displacement and hence, greatly resist aquaplaning. The tyre is made to offer even wearing and prevent it from uneven wearing that is responsible for increasing the overall life of tyres.
  • The multiple sipes pattern are made to deliver performance in different conditions and driving situations.
  • The tyres are improved effectively, causing lesser damages to the side-walls, when met with a road accident. The tyres have high load index to cater to the freight needs of a trailer.

If you are looking to buy new truck tyres that offer great performance and control along with high savings on fuel then come to us, here at Fleetline. We have a range of tyres from GT Radials that will fit your driving requirements in the West Midlands. To know more, feel free to call us.



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