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Goodyear is a premium brand that has won the trust of experts at Fleetline. The main factor that forms the fundamental base of this trust is the excellent delivery of Goodyear. Its tyres reflect a perfection that has been mastered through years of hard work. The brand offers premium tyres for almost all types of terrains; for example, they offer on road tyres, as well as off-road tyres. Goodyear seasonal tyres with special features are always available in our stock. As you already know, we offer only the best. Below are some of the best Goodyear tyre models that we offer.

Kmax S

Kmax S is a tyre with a good tyre tread design. Its features combine to reflect adequate performance. The stiff tread ensures high mileage and regular wear pattern; the wideness of the tread also affects the mileage positively. The shoulders of the tyre are robust and wide, which gives Kmax S more strength. The blades have been incorporated in the design in such a manner that they provide excellent braking in wet conditions.

Kmax D Gen-2

Kmax D Gen-2 has sipes and grooves with increased depth; the 6% increased length increases traction and mileage. The second feature provides improved protection, which increases durability. The grooves have been designed in a manner that they effectively release trapped stones and avoid drilling into the casing. The openings in the shoulder ribs also help in increasing traction by effectively evacuating water and mud. Not to forget, the tread compound is a combination of two layers - the top layer provides high abrasion resistance, and the base compound offers low rolling resistance.

Kmax T

Kmax T uses two enhanced features to increase mileage performance. First is the improved casing and tuned footprint, the second is the high wearable rubber volume; both of these combine to provide good mileage. Other than these two factors, an innovative tread compound furthers adds to the fuel saving potential. Also, the tread has been designed to reduce stone holding in order to increase resistance to groove cracking. Not to forget, the improved edge blades ensure excellent braking in wet conditions.

Marathon LHT II

Marathon LHT II has a multi-radius tread shape that promotes high mileage and even wear-pattern. The tyre has high resistance to wear and damage due to the strong shoulder rib; the rolling resistance is reduced by the compact tread design. Also, it is imperative to mention the latest tread compound technology that maintains a balance between low rolling resistance, wet braking, and mileage. Marathon LHT II has a good blade density that helps with low noise emission and excellent wet braking.

Omnitrac MST II

Omnitrac MST II has an optimised carcass that has been constructed to enhance durability and damage resistance. It also has a wide tread pattern that promotes high mileage, good handling, and an even wear pattern. Another feature is the massive centreline rib that provides greater stability. We cannot forget the protection measures that are provided by the stiff block design.

Omnitrac MSS II

Omnitrac MSS II has a wide tread that improves the mileage potential, while greater stability and damage resistance are ensured by massive shoulder ribs. The reduced noise levels are a result of block pitch sequencing, and the ‘Slalom’ centreline grooves ensure enhanced braking performance on and off the road.



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