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Tyre Manufacturers - Galaxy Tyres

Galaxy manufactures tyres that have been made to provide superior performance, long life, and exceptional value. The purpose of the brand is building high-performance tyres. These qualities make it an absolute choice for people all around the world. The tyres operate in demanding situations like industrial and construction terrains. This is what Galaxy specialises in- improving the driving experience on hard terrains. The brand offers a range of Skid Steer and Contract utility tyres- that is why it is a popular choice among OEMs and after-market users. Galaxy features tyres for vehicles that are involved in- construction and industrial terrain, agriculture, material handling, lawn and garden and turf, earthmover, trucks, and mining.

With the motto “Application Specific, Purpose Built”, Galaxy has become a brand that meets the expectations of its customers all around the world. Like any other brand, it has been a tough road for Galaxy too. Along the journey, it launched famous models of tyres like Galaxy Hulk and Galaxy Beefy Baby. While the success of Galaxy Hulk owes to the fact that it has the highest tread depth, Galaxy Beefy baby has sustained itself as the global standard bearer for the brand for more than two decades. What Galaxy aims to design is not only “the best”, but also “the perfect”. The brand does not compete with others in terms of quality; it tries to make itself better with every new product it launches. Therefore, we will not advise you to buy Galaxy tyres, because we do not need to- the brand speaks for itself!



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