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Tyre Manufacturers - Blacklion Tyres

Blacklion is a brand that promises quality products. It ensures this through a team that can be trusted upon and systems that provide adequate support. In terms of product quality, the brand claims to match popular brand names that are world leaders. Indeed, its quality represents the achievements of a global team of tyre engineers. With the finest internal support system, the brand looks towards a mission- it is to earn the trust of its customers as a valued supplier of high-quality products. The question is, has it been able to achieve this so far? Fleetline Tyres believes it has.

Blacklion Tyres are the brainchild of the Japanese tyre manufacturing giant- Sailun Corporation. The reason for creating a brand like Blacklion tyres was to develop a product that combines premium quality with unbeatable value. Blacklion tyres are made with a special rubber compound. The range of tyres the brand offers is quite wide. It can potentially be called a library of tread designs! The outstanding results are subject to the phenomenal wet grip, exceptional handling, and competitive prices Blacklion tyres offer. The tyres are designed in a manner to meet specific driving requirements. This is what Blacklion is perfect at.

Blacklion tyres have excellent pattern design that provides good driving and braking forces. It ensures higher driving comfort and safety. The pre-simulated tread pitch order and shoulder grooves decrease the noise. There are tyres like BH15 that have four main grooves and a reinforced central rib. This feature would ensure excellent performance on wet and dry roads. BH15 also has excellent drainage that ensures sufficient braking force and safety. Not only BH15, but you will also find multiple Blacklion tyres at our workshop. Fleetline Tyres maintains an updated stock of tyres for the customers in the West Midlands.

We, at Fleetline Tyres, choose to do business with Blacklion tyres because the brand provides quality. More than anything, our garage tries to ensure that the customers are satisfied. At Fleetline, we consider you family. That is why, even if you select a tyre that is currently not in our stock, we promise to get it for you within 24 hours. Other than car tyres, we also sell industrial tyres. Also, we provide vehicle-related services like wheel balancing, tyre regrooving, tyre foam filling, major repairs, etc. The team of experts at Fleetline Tyres is ever-ready to be at your service and provide you with substantial advice.



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