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We all know how hard the life of van tyres is; hence, it is always suggested that you buy high-quality tyres that are not cheap, and avoid compromising on the quality of the tyres. You should always keep in mind all the conditions that your van will go through while carrying a heavy load.

The tyres should be capable of driving on the wet roads along with the dry roads as well. When you come to us at Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., we know how important it is for you to maintain quality of the tyres for your fleet of vans along with their affordability to cater to the number of vehicles in your fleet. You can make use of our services that will help your fleeting business, here in the West Midlands.

When you are looking for van tyres that will fit your requirement of high load index along with superb performance and comfort, you should check out the collection of Avon Van tyres.

The tyres provide high tread wear resistance. The rubber compound used in the tread is made to last longer than the regular tyres. The grooves that are present in the tyres are specially designed keeping the dynamic momentum of such loaded vehicles in mind and hence, provide excellent stopping distance.

The tyres are made to maintain traction with the road, so they can provide better traction while making turns, and running through the traffic. The smooth ride not only makes the overall drive comfortable, but also helps control the van, while making the corners of the road.

We want to take this opportunity to highlight two of the best Avon tyres that we have in our Garage:

WM-VAN: WM Van tyres are made to provide exceptional grip in the wet conditions, like a road laden with snow and mud. The tyre is also capable of gripping the surface in the driest of the conditions. The tyre tread is made to last longer and therefore, offer a long life to the tyres. The mentioned features help the tyre with the handling and steering of the vehicle in the best way possible.

AVON AV12: Designed to offer high traction on the roads in the dry as well as the wet conditions, the tyres provide better acceleration to the vehicle, while gripping the road excellently. The tyres are also made to last longer along with possessing a significant loading index. Another great feature is its comfort. AV12 has low rolling noise and remains relatively quiet throughout the journey.

When you come to us, here at Fleetline, we offer a range of Avon Van tyres that will help you deliver your customers’ fleet with utmost safety and care in the West Midlands.



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