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Tyre Manufacturers - Alliance Tyres

Alliance is a world-renowned brand that is a part of the Alliance Tyre Group. It specialises in Off-Highway tyre business. The brand is present in over 120 countries, spread across six continents. Alliance has a special focus on meeting the unique needs of farmers, contractors, and other end users in the regions where it is present. The presence is not just for the sake of it; the brand has been successful in establishing a firm and on-the-ground presence globally. It follows the motto “think global, act local!”. With world-class manufacturing facilities in India and a high-tech boutique production facility in Israel, the Alliance Tyre Group in itself has proved to be an upcoming major global player.

Have you witnessed a brand with over 1000 specialised products? This is the one. Each product is carefully engineered to be at par with the latest technology. This is because Alliance majorly focuses on pioneering innovation and technology. If you have a requirement of industrial automotive items, this brand promises you the widest range in sizes and patterns. It tries to make sure- the products that reach you are the best. Alliance has been successful in sustaining its place as a market leader in Row Crop and a pioneer in Flotation tyres. It makes “heavy vehicles with deep regard for customers”. Alliance offers a comprehensive line-up of tyres for tractors, sprayers, and spreaders; the tyres are mainly meant for agricultural and industrial applications. The brand does not claim to be the best, but it proves to be worthy of a try.



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