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Tyres Size

The thing that is as important as the type of tread pattern is the size of the tyres. The tyres should accurately fit on the wheels in order to make the best use of its technology and features. We, at Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. know that, and hence, want to help you in case you are having difficulty in finding out the correct size of tyres for your vehicle, here in the West Midlands.

To find out the size of your tyres, you have to look at the side of the walls of your tyres. You will find an alphanumeric engraving on it. For example, 215/60R15. This is the specification of your tyres that will tell you what the different size aspects are that your tyre has to fulfil to fit accurately on the wheels. It is to be noted that the same sizes may vary with the different brands of tyres.

In the instance, that is 215/60R15:

215: It is the overall width of the tyre that is measured in millimetres.

60: It is called the aspect ratio or profile of the tyre that will tell you the height of the tyre in millimetres.

R: It is redundant in the case for modern-day tyres as it denotes the type of the tyre. R stands for radial type, and today most of the tyres are radial.

15: Last but not the least in this engraved marking is the rim size that the tyre will fit on. The rim size is mentioned in inches.

Another denotation that is most commonly used is explained here, for example, 245 35 R19 91 H:

245: It is the overall width of the tyre that is measured in millimetres.

35: This is a representation of the height as the percentage of the total width of the tyres.

R: Similar to the above R is the radial tyres.

19: This represents the rim size in inches.

91: 91 is the load index of the tyre that is under inspection for the size of the tyre.

H: It is the speed rating of the tyre for which it will provide a 91 load index.

When you are looking for high-performance tyres, they will usually have a low profile or aspect ratio. The tyres having a low profile offer better control on the road, but the ride becomes more laborious and doesn't remain smooth for the whole journey.

When you come to us here at Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., you don't have to worry about the tyre size; our experts will provide you with the tyres that will fit your vehicle brilliantly and offer the best driving experience in all of the West Midlands.

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