Tyre Regrooving

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Regrooving is a specialist process. It involves re-cutting the grooves in a tyre using a hand-held tool, to a deeper level. It is an underutilised service that unlocks additional life of a tyre by almost 25%, other than improved grip and greater fuel savings. Regrooving is reasonable because, with the growing cost tyres, everyone wants to make the most of the rubber they've purchased. This is what we, at Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. , will help you make the most out of it!

As mentioned earlier, regrooving adds 25% to the life of a tyre. It is the most effective way of extending tyre life, without any replacement. A regrooved tyre also has a reduced rolling resistance of up to 25% compared to a new tyre, which means lower fuel consumption. It also improves the tyre's grip and safety. Not to forget, a regrooved tyre can be fitted on every axle, and correctly regrooved tyres can still be retreaded. It definitely doesn't sound like a bad deal, does it?

Regrooving of tyres can be carried out when the depth of the original tread has worn down to between 3mm and 4mm in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. However, all tyres cannot be regrooved. Only tyres in a good condition can be. For example, when a tyre shows signs of irregular wear, as a result of incorrect wheel balancing or steering geometry problems- it should not be regrooved.

Fleetline Tyres has access to the original manufacturer's regroove tread patterns. This is vital, as it's illegal and potentially dangerous to re-cut a tyre to any tread pattern other than that shown in the manufacturer's regrooving manual. We thoroughly check each tyre to ensure it remains free of any defects including cracks, separations, or exposed ply or cord.

We ensure correct regrooving (because it sounds economic and makes environmental sense) of tyres West Midlands without compromising on performance and safety. In doing so, we ensure taking the best care of the tyres, beginning with a thorough inspection to assure that tyres are suitable for processing until the time you're back on the road.

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