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Tyre Pressure

Most of us overlook tyre pressure. But the truth is, the tyre treads are equally responsible for maintaining safety, as is tyre pressure. In a research conducted in the UK, 1 out of 4 people had an inadequate amount of tyre pressure. At Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. in West Midlands, we ask customers to get tyre pressure checked regularly in order to take full advantage of the pneumatic tyres.

With the invention of pneumatic tyres, air pressure played an essential role in maintaining the mileage and even wear in tyre.

People, while getting air filled in tyres, generally get the tyres overinflated to prevent themselves from paying frequent visits to the auto garages. But the researches show that overinflated tyres pose a risk of a complete blowout; hence, the only way to be on the safer side is to get your tyres inflated with the right pressure.

To help you better understand the importance of tyre pressure, here’s listing a few disadvantages of having the wrong pressure in your tyres:

First and foremost reason to have an adequate tyre pressure is that incorrect pressure poses a high risk of tyre blowout. Blowouts at high speeds can result in fatal accidents. On the other hand, having a low tyre pressure (deflated tyres) can also result in damaged sidewall that can cause the tyre to go flat and create dangerous situations.

Another reason that you should maintain tyre pressure is the fuel economy. When the tyres are underinflated, they cause the engine to burn more fuel. The increase in the contact area of the tyres forces the engine to produce more power to overcome the friction. In order to provide this added power, more fuel is consumed by the engine. Therefore, the fuel economy is reduced in case of underinflated tyres.

Another significant disadvantage of having an underinflated tyre is the wearing of the tread. When the contact increases, so does the frictional force. This friction, in turn, causes the treads to wear out quickly. Hence, with the underinflated tyres, the life of the tyres decreases. If you want your tyres to have a longer tread life, try to maintain the pressure in your tyres. You should bring your vehicle to us regularly for swift yet accurate tyre pressure check and get rid of any such problems.

When you come to us for tyre pressure check West Midlands at Fleetline, our experts will check the pressure in your tyre according to your vehicle's manual. We know how important it is for you to maintain tyre pressure for your fuel economy and tyre life; hence, we recommend you bring your vehicle here to us, and we will get your tyres filled adequately.

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