Tyre Foam Filling

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Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. is not just a garage service company; it is a hub of solutions for vehicle-owners. Our focus is not on one-time transactional profit; we focus on building collective relationships that span over a long time, and are based on trust. For this reason, our technicians and team of experts provide you with advice, and the onus of making a choice rests upon your shoulders. We suggest what is exclusively best for you, not something that is inclusive of our profit.

Vehicles that are being used in extreme conditions or rough terrain have a possibility of facing exceptional tyre damage. Frequent tyre pressure checks and puncture repairs can be tiring, and may also prove to be a hole in your pocket. At Fleetline Tyres, we’ve got an effective solution for you. Go ‘solid’ with our tyre foam filling process that only takes a week; not a second more!

The process

Foam filling is a process in which your tyres are filled with specially designed fluids that become solid. Foam filled tyres cannot get punctured. Basically, foam filling makes pneumatic tyres solid. As a result, you are spared from any expenses you might incur from tyre damage. Solid tyres are an ideal choice for construction sites, landfills, recycling facilities, and areas of rough terrain. Not to forget, once the tyres are filled to the manufacturer's recommended pressure, it will retain the pressure for its entire service life. This eliminates the need to check and maintain pressure. Can we say it’s a good solution for the hole in the pocket?

Our team of technicians and experts specialise in foam filling. You can get advice from them in order to understand if your vehicle tyre can be foam-filled or not; and if it can be, will it serve your purpose or not? We commit to your service, not our profit. Your service is the cause of our action; profit might be termed as a mere consequence. No prior appointment is necessary; if you need service, simply drive-in!

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