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When it comes to truck tyres, you need a high load bearing tyre that will not only save your cargo, but also help you with the delivery time. When buying truck tyres, you have to keep both things in mind - its comfort, along with the long distance wearing. We, Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., know this and hence, our experts will suggest you the best truck tyres that will suit your requirements accordingly.

One of the suggested brands of truck tyres by our technicians is Sailun tyres. Sailun provides high-quality truck tyres, keeping different needs of drivers in mind. The variants are specially designed with individual capabilities and features, along with maintaining basic safety and comfort.

Sailun is a brand that provides you with premium tyres that offer great economy. The rigorous researches have helped them to come up with tyres that suffice the day to day needs of truckers in the UK.

The brand came into existence in 2002 at the National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Qingdao, China. Since its establishment, the company has grown exceedingly, and sells over 30 millions tyres a year in more than 50 countries worldwide. Sailun has research centres that help it design tyres of the future and come up with the manufacturing of tyres that provide exceptional comfort, safety, and performance. Sailun knows how important rubber is as a raw material for its tyres and hence, has partnered with the biggest rubber companies in the world. Quality product, service you can trust, and lifetime support are three core values that the company has followed since the very beginning, which have helped it reach the heights it is at today.

The Best models of Sailun tyres that we have in our store are as follows:

1. S629 STEER TYRE: The tyre provides excellent wearing resistance for the trucks and buses that run for long distances on smooth roads. The composition of the tyre makes it resistant to the scrub wearing. The tread grooves pattern for the tyre is comparatively shallower than others, which helps maintain a grip on the road and prevents overall skidding. These tyres have deeper shoulder grooves that allow them with better defiance against abnormal wearing.

2. S815 All-Position Tyres: When you require off-road vehicles and vehicles that are needed for construction work, you should use these mixed service tyres that have tread resistant to chipping. The zig-zag tread pattern provides a higher grip in all situations. The tyres have wider footprints that improve the stability and control of your vehicle.

3. S701 Drive Tyres: S701 can be used to provide comfort for long distance working trucks. The rubber is scrub resistant and has a varied pitch tread; these also come with horizontal grooves that are narrower than usual to reduce noise, and provide a comfortable drive. The tyres are again wider to provide better stability.

4. S911 On/Off Road Tyre: The tyre is manufactured to offer better durability and also have a higher grip. The grooves dissipate the heat, and hence, cause the tyre to wear evenly. The tyres have deep grooves that make the life of the tread longer.

We, at Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., offer one of the best customer services, and will attend you with a sense of responsibility, assuring that you get an excellent set of truck tyres when you visit us here, in Oldbury. You can also book your tyres online with us if you know which model of Sailun tyres will suit your vehicle the best. In case you are confused about which tyres to buy for your vehicle, give us a call; we shall be happy to help.

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