Major Repairs

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Is your vehicle tyre damaged? We understand the trouble considering the rising cost of buying new tyres. However, your safety and comfort cannot be compromised. Many tyres, worldwide, are prematurely discarded rather than being repaired. This causes economical as well as environmental degradation, as disposing of an old tyre and buying a new tyre can be an inconvenience.

At Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., we consider you family. That's why your safety comes before our profit; it is paramount. Due to that reason, we offer affordable tyre damage and tyre puncture repairs for our customers. We do major repairs through a process called Tyre vulcanisation, in which we add raw rubber to a damaged area of a tyre to create a repair suitable for the rest of the tyre's road life. Tyre vulcanisation at Fleetline Tyres is reliable and dependable. We claim no cherries but we assure trustworthiness.

The process

In this process, the damaged tyre and new rubber are moulded together into the damaged area. It is then put into a tyre vulcanising machine to cook the raw rubber at high temperature. Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. specialises in tyre vulcanisation and major repairs. Our line of work doesn’t function on baits; it operates on trust. Our team of technicians are not only good at their work, but they will also provide you with perfect advice too. We not only need to make sure that your tyre is repaired, but we also make sure to reason if your tyre can be repaired or not.

Almost all tyres can be repaired at our shop. Others may claim that your tyre is unrepairable- but do seek advice from us. Our team will work to provide the best solution for you! We promise to deliver your repaired vehicle within a week. Because as we earlier said- customers are family!


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