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Truck tyres are the hardest to choose as it is where there can be no compromise with safety. Most of us neglect safety over affordability because, of course, commercial truck tyres are costly to purchase. Our technicians, here at Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd., recommend our customers not to commit the blunders and mistakes that other drivers do by buying cheaper, low-quality truck tyres, as it will pose a significant threat to your freight and also your life.

When you are looking to buy tyres for your fleet of trucks, there are various things worth considering; some of them are as follows:

Load Index: Generally, for performance cars load index of the vehicle is lower as to provide better speed and performance; but when we talk about the load index for trucks and passenger vehicles, it lies on the higher end of the scale.

Today's truck tyres have a load index rating either G or H on an average. The tyres with G and H rating can withstand a load ranging between 6000 to 6500 pounds. The main reason for trucks to have such high load index is to maintain safety on the road. With high load index, manufacturers try to stop the very occurrence of blowouts, as any blowout with truck tyres will be fatal due to the load it carries.

Tyre tread and its quality: You can't afford any malfunctioning due to the quality of the tyres as any failure is catastrophic with trucks. Hence, it is highly required by the manufacturers of the truck tyres that they maintain high-quality standards, and also better raw products should be used in their productions.

Tread of tyres: Truck tyres should also have a better tread because it is relatively difficult to stop a truck than a compact SUV or family car. The reason can be given as the weight of the truck leads to higher inertia, and hence, it will take more frictional force by a moving truck than that would be required by a car at the same speed to bring them to rest. Therefore, they need a better tread pattern and greater depth than smaller vehicles.

It is of utmost importance that you buy the right truck tyres for your fleet in order to deliver the goods safely, and more efficiently. When you come to us, here at Fleetline in West Midlands, West Midlands our technicians provide their all-round support to offer you the best truck tyres that will suit your needs accordingly.

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