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Fleetline Tyre Services Ltd. is a prominent retailer of 4x4 and vehicle tyres Birmingham, West Midlands. The sheer variety that we offer our patrons is unmatched in this region. Our prices are considered unbeatable too.

Why do SUVs need special tyres?

4x4 or SUV truck tyres are inherently different from standard passenger truck tyres in more ways than one. For one, they are larger in size. Their structural composition is also somewhat different as the role of an SUV is often different from a sedan or a coupe.

As such, SUV owners in the West Midlands require a specialised set of tyres which can handle the additional performance requirements of an SUV. At Fleetline Tyre Services, we stock the most extensive range of such tyres and if we haven't got it in stock we will be able to get it by the following day. 

Most 4x4 tyres are larger with a more robust design. This robustness comes in handy as SUVs are considerably heavier and often carry a lot of extra weight. Some SUV tyres are designed for off-roading purposes. The tread pattern and rubber composition of these tyres are uniquely suited to tackle uneven surfaces.

Best SUV tyres

Almost every major tyre manufacturer has a segment dedicated to SUV tyres. It’s challenging to pick and choose one set over another. However, going by the public response and our expert analysis, here is a list of the best vehicle tyres Birmingham, West Midlands.

  • Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia
  • Continental CrossContact LX
  • Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A
  • Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season
  • Michelin 4x4 Diamaris

The Fleetline advantage

You’ll find all these tyres, along with numerous others, at Fleetline Tyres. Don’t be worried if you do not have a particular model in mind, talk to your technicians and tell them what you expect from your tyres. They will be happy to point you in the right direction.

We advise our clients to book their slot beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Call us on any working day.

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